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Through this website we would like to give you an insight into the fantastic designs and traditional craftsmanship that we offer across the complete range of our headstones.
• Aysgarth & Eastburn

For your perusal, a sample version of our full brochure showing a selection of memorials we offer in remembrance of your loved one...

To assist us in fulfilling your wishes, please let us know which type of headstone you prefer, simply complete the online form
and submit to us, we then contact you at your convenience to discuss your thoughts further.

We will visit and carry out a detailed and documented assessment of your memorial; from that we compile our report on work that may have to be carried out including a suggested inscription and details of other specialist procedures that are sometimes optional, but undoubtedly necessary to improve the memorials overall condition or appearance.

For a memorial that does not require ground settlement the timescale is approximately 6-12 weeks. If ground settlement is required the timescale is approximately 9-12 months. Fixing times are also reliant on prompt receipt of an approved permit from the relevant authority (we will guide you on all things such as this during the course of our discussions).

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