Frequently Asked Questions

When will the headstone be completed?

For a memorial that does not require ground settlement the timescale is approximately 10-14 weeks. If ground settlement is required the timescale is approximately 9-12 months. Fixing times are also reliant on prompt receipt of an approved permit from the relevant authority (we will guide you on all things such as this during the course of our discussions).

Is fixing of the headstone included in the price?

Yes, all our memorial prices include the cost of securely fixing at the grave and our 30 year stability promise, for your peace of mind.

Can I have a memorial out of the brochure, and a  design from another?

Yes, we are able to alter all memorials to suit your requirements whilst ensuring at all times that they comply with burial authorities or churchyard regulations.

Why do I need an Anchor system?

All memorials over 24 inches in height are required to have an Anchor system for safety reasons. The system we use will prevent the memorial from toppling and guarantees stability for far longer than traditional cement.

Do you do a memorial renovation service?

Yes we will carry out an initial site visit to inspect the memorial, this will form the basis of our report; we then use this to provide you with an accurate assessment and quotation.

Is my memorial guaranteed?

Yes we offer a 30 year stability guarantee.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes, you can spread the total cost over 12 month’s interest free, please ask for additional information.

Can I purchase a memorial even though I am not  the grave owner?

Yes you may order a memorial, however the memorial application form that we submit to the relevant council will need to be signed by the grave owner showing their consent.

How can I keep my memorial clean?

Polished memorials are relatively easy to maintain, a cloth and warm water will remove the weather grime. However, other materials such as marble are more porous and will eventually require professional cleaning.

Are there any hidden extras?

None, we are proud of our openness and honesty.

A selection of designs from our memorials.